Custom Training


Tableau Basics and Tableau Advanced

Custom onsite Tableau training workshops.  Please contact us for more details.


Weekend Bootcamps

Want to learn the skills to master your database? We offer courses that range from beginner level to advanced topics such as database tuning, replication, and query optimization. These are very focused intensive courses with plenty of hands-on training that many places simply do not offer.

Here are some examples of current bootcamps we are offering. We can also customize them according to your needs.


Beginner Transact SQL Programming

This course is a beginner’s course in Transact-SQL. This course will introduce students to creating/managing database objects in SQL Server, querying tables, and using programmatic logic. To supplement learning, students will be provided with exercises with different databases to enable them to immediately practice what they’ve learned.


Intermediate Transact SQL Programming

This is a 3-day course is an intermediate course in Transact-SQL. This course will focus on SQL Server 2008 Program- mable Objects like views, stored procedures, triggers, SQLCLR and SQLXML. It will also cover SQL Server 2008 support for temporal and spatial data. Modules will also cover how you can tune and better write these SQL Server objects.


SQL Server Administration

This course is a comprehensive SQL Server Administration course. This course will cover installing, configuring and managing SQL Server. Components such as SSRS and SSIS will be reviewed. Other administration topics include: managing and registering servers, file structure, backup/restore, log shipping, replication, monitoring and troubleshooting.